Best Home Remedies For Coughs, Colds, and Flu

Home remedies are a must in every household. Coughs, colds, and flu are stubborn illnesses, and they can really affect our energy, mood, and productivity in the day, and the worse part of it is that, these illnesses can come all in one. Though we have to let our body fight off the virus, there are tons of things we can do to help our body get rid of the virus more effectively and faster. At times where you can’t or don’t want to take medication for your illness your best bet is to opt for natural remedies. Here are some of the most effective home remedies for cough, colds, and flu.

Home Remedies For coughs and congestion, make your own Mullein Tea

Mullein tea is among the popular home remedies for coughs, chest congestion, colds, and flu. It works as an expectorant, as it loosens the trapped mucous and sooth sore throat. To make this home remedy, fill a strainer or tea ball with dried mullein herb, then pour a cup of boiling water, and leave it for 10 minutes. Sweeten the tea with raw honey. Drink to relieve cough symptoms.

Make a cough syrup with red onion and raw honey

Home remedies can be a challenge if the kids do not like the taste.  This makes good tasting cough syrup a great home remedy for cough, especially for kids who don’t want to take bitter cough syrup. To make this tasty cough syrup, use stevia, raw honey, or brown cane sugar, and red onions. Wash the onions, peel, and slice it horizontally. Starting from the base, layer the onion slices into a bowl, alternate with layers of brown sugar or raw honey. Stevia powder is very sweet, so you might want to use just a little bit of it. Add sweetener to layers of onion until the whole onion is reassembled in a bowl. Cover the bowl for 12 to 15 hours or overnight. The following day, you will get about a cup or sweeter  syrup from the bowl. That remedy contains various important nutrients from both onion and honey, which are great quieting cough, soothing sore throat, and fighting infections. Take a spoonful as needed, don’t worry, it doesn’t have an ‘onion-y’ taste.

For sore throats, take raw honey and lemon

Fresh lemon juice with raw honey provides quick soothing relief for sore throats, which is one of the most common complaints on coughs and colds. Raw honey is high in nutrients and enzymes that kill cough and cold viruses, while the antioxidants and vitamin C from lemon provide good immune boost, speeding the healing. When combined, these two can a powerhouse remedy. Mix 2 to 3 tablespoons of raw honey into half juice of lemon, sip it during the day as needed.

Boost your immune system with garlic tea

Garlic, a popular immune system booster, has the components to of a good antibacterial and antiviral herb that can fight coughs, colds, flu, and their related symptoms. One of the best ways to take garlic is by drinking it as a fresh tea and sweeten it up with raw honey. To make your own garlic tea, peel 2 to 3 cloves of fresh garlic, crush them lightly using a wide knife blade. Then, add the crushed garlic to 2 cups of water and boil. Lower the heat and let it stay for another 15 minutes. Strain off the garlic and let the tea cool. Add honey, squeeze lemon juice, and a pinch of cayenne pepper. Drink as much as you want.