Cough Medicine – The Best Cough Suppressant

Cough Medicine – What is the best cough suppressant?

Cough suppressants or antitussive is a cough medicine that helps quiet our cough temporarily that was brought about by colds, throat irritation or inhalation of some irritants.  If we are constantly exposed to dust, smoke and fumes our respiratory system tries to reject them by coughing it out.   Although this is the natural way how our body gets rid of foreign objects in our pathways, continuous coughing is also irritating.  And if our body reacts too much against them this will result to excessive coughing.

Like most cough medicine, cough suppressants can be purchased as an over the counter cough medicine and can be found in almost all local drug stores.  Generally, older people will recommend topical cough suppressants over oral suppressants.  This is because topical medicines are considered as first aides and bear no side effects.  Among the most common topical suppressants that you can buy readily are ointments and steam vaporizers.  Once the ointment is applied to chest of the person and the aroma is inhaled, or if the steam is inhaled, the ointment or vaporizer gives a soothing effect and pacifies the coughing. Mint candies and lozenges are very effective cough suppressants as it is gradually absorbed through the throat.  If your body reacts readily to respiratory irritants, you should always carry in your purse or in your pocket some cough relieving candies with menthol.

The other type of cough suppressant is the oral suppressant.  It may come in a form of pills, tablets, liquids and taken by mouth.  Cough suppressants active ingredients are camphor, dextromethorphan, eucalyptus oil and menthol.

Camphor has a strong penetrating odor, slightly cold like menthol, with slight antiseptic and considered irritant and numbs the peripheral sensory nerves. Usually, camphor combined with other ingredients to cure other diseases.

Dextromethorphan can be found in both topical and oral cough suppressants and may only be the active ingredient found in most antitussive drugs.

Eucalyptus oil is a component in medicinal preparation in the relief of colds, cough and symptoms of influenza.

Menthol is an alcohol extracted from peppermint oils. It relieves itching of the upper respiratory tract when inhaled.  Menthol can be produced synthetically.

Not all ingredients can be found in any one cough suppressant. Sometimes they are even combined with other ingredients that are used for curing other ailments.  Whether you take the topical suppressants or the oral suppressants you will always find the one that really works for you.  You should always check the label in order to know the active ingredients on the product you are purchasing.  But prior to any visit to the nearest drug store, you should find out what kind of cough you are suffering from.  Determine whether you will need a cough suppressant or a cough expectorant.  If it is a cough suppressant you need and you want oral medicines, make sure that the over the counter cough suppressant you will purchase have the active ingredient of Dextromethorphan.

These over the counter drugs provide immediate relief and prevent our ailments from becoming serious.  But if you are not getting well with them, your complaint may only be a symptom of an underlying disease.  You must consult a doctor promptly.