Cough Medicine – The Best Cough Expectorant

Cough Medicine – Cough Expectorant

Cough expectorant is the cough medicine that helps clear the mucus from the lungs. What is does is that is loosen congestion so that when we cough we feel better. A common cold can cause a build-up of mucus leading to chest congestion or congested cough which is characterized as productive cough.

The active ingredient in expectorant helps remove the object blocking the airways which is usually mucus. The expectorant liquefies the mucus so that when we cough the loosen mucus is expelled through coughing. This active ingredient in expectorant that makes this happen is called guaifenesin.

There are many over the counter cough medicine that serves as expectorants and you can find it easily in your local drug store. You need to read the label carefully. It will indicate the ingredient of the cough expectorant, its use, dosage and precautions. Some cough expectorant may also contain ingredient that is good relief for runny nose, sneezing and fever.

Guaifenesin expectorant is the most common over the counter cough medicine. It is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and has been proven to be safe, effective and the best medicine for productive cough. (

There are other common over the counter expectorants like Robitusin and Mucinex. (

The cure for the common cough has been the greatest challenge for lot researchers, doctors and scientists alike. The expectorants now may not be the same kind as it was 60 years ago. The old brands have either been removed or improved to provide the best medicines for patients suffering from productive cough.

How you can be safe in taking expectorant cough medicines?
Labels are there for you to read. Please read them thoroughly as it will guide you on its use like who needs to take the medicine, the proper dosage, what to expect and when to expect improvement.

If your coughing does not improve within the prescribed period after you have followed all instructions, and if you notice other ailments like headaches, rashes and fever, it is best you consult a physician.

Those with asthma, bronchitis, emphysema and too much or excessive coughing, expectorants are not highly recommended. Consult your doctor to avoid any further complication of your condition.

Pregnant women should be very careful in all kinds of medicines they ingest.
Expectorant is not recommended to children. They should always seek their Pediatrician’s advice before taking any medicines.

Keep in mind that not all cough medicines are the same. Productive cough requires expectorant while Non-productive cough requires cough suppressant. Learn to differentiate the two so that you will know which the best home remedy for cough at a certain period. The more we are familiar with the different cough medicines the more we will be able to get the proper medication or result to an immediate cure rather than prolonging the agony.