The Best Cough Medicine: Summary

Summary of the Best Cough Medicine 
Cough medicine is common and important today. Coughing can be a voluntary or an involuntary movement to get rid of any foreign substances like mucus and phlegm out of the upper respiratory airway passages or out of the lungs. Coughing is a normal body reaction and should not be prevented. But on severe circumstances when t continuous coughing can hamper breathing and even result to vomiting, medication should be highly considered. That is why we have the cough medicine.

The Best Cough Medicine

It is also essential to let our own body mechanism to fight diseases in order for our immune system to be strengthened and always ready to fight diseases. If we intervene at the onset of a cough we are preventing our own natural healing process to take place. So instead of intervening, let us support our immune system by providing support. Natural home remedies are the best resources we can use.

We all know that water is essential in cleansing, by drinking lots of water we help our body flush mucus and phlegm brought about by our cough. It also helps in liquefying stubborn mucus. Fruits are the best source of natural Vitamin C. If we increase our intake it will strengthened our immune system and helps in the repair of worn out tissues and cells. It also blocks and weakens the germ causing bacteria that makes our body weak and fragile.

The natural cycle of a common cough is usually between seven to ten days. It is during these days that we should not let our body be weakened or carried away by feeling weak. Although it may be difficult at times, we should maintain a proper and healthy diet otherwise our body will not get the proper nutrients to become healthy and strong.

Another home remedy that can prevent the cough from spreading is by keeping your surroundings clean and sterile. Try to change your beddings if at least every other day. Let the heat of the sun come into your room or expose your beddings under the heat of the sun outside your home to remove other irritants that causes coughing.

Keeping away from crowds, minimize too much physical activities, avoid night life and have enough rest is very good for easy recovery.

Understanding the type of cough you are experiencing will help you buy the proper over the counter medicine. You can even discuss the choice medicine with the attending pharmacist for more information.

Expectorants are for productive cough while suppressants are for non-productive coughs. They have different special ingredients that works pretty well when administered or taken for the right purpose. You cannot blame a suppressant if it did not cure your productive cough nor can you blame the expectorant for not curing your non- productive cough.

More often the topical remedies will give relief to both the productive and non- productive coughs.
Always remember that if you have pre-existing conditions like heart disease, asthma or any kind of disease, over the counter drugs may not be for you. Pregnant women and children are not recommended to take over the counter drugs unless prescribed by their doctors following strictly the dosage.

Always seek medical advice if your cough continues after 10 days or is becoming worse after few days of medication.